2x8 Exhibition and Scholarship


A student competition for higher education students throughout California.

An exhibition of all submitted work.

A scholarship program that awards multiple winners.


Designed to support next generation designers, “2×8” introduces student work to architectural firms, architects, and the public–while recognizing exemplary work by awarding scholarships. Initiated by ACLA’s sister organization, the AIALA, “2×8” was launched in 2002.

2×8 is turning 20 this year!

ACLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that holds 2×8, an annual student exhibition, competition, and scholarship fund that seeks to foster and celebrate the unrivaled diversity of California’s architectural pedagogy. The sponsorships we receive directly fund our student winners. Last year, we were able to raise a total of $30,000! This allowed us to award merit-based scholarships to 11 winning student projects. For our 20th Anniversary, we’d like to match, if not surpass, last year’s amazing fundraising efforts and are aiming to provide as much support as we can for our aspiring student participants. We will be exhibiting 40 student projects from 20 different schools.


Celebrating the state’s unequaled diversity in pedagogical directions, each of the participating academic programs select two student projects (that epitomize their core vision) to enter the 2×8 competition. A jury of prominent individuals in the field evaluate submissions, select winners, and which of the winners will receive scholarships. Winners are announced at an exhibition of all submitted work. The opening and announcement are open to the public.

In conjunction with this student show, the 2×8 committee holds a secondary competition, open to faculty, to design the exhibition itself.


Originally eight institutions submitted two student projects, each, for the competition and exhibition–ergo “2” for the number of entries per school and “8” for the number of schools. Today, as many as 20 Architecture and Design Programs throughout California participate.



ACLA is proud to present 2x8x20, the 20th Anniversary of the 2×8 Exhibition.

Located at AIA|LA + ACLA Center for Communities

4450 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016

Join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 2×8 Student Exhibition, Competition and Scholarship Fund.

This year’s exhibition will feature 20 unique architecture and design programs throughout California. 2×8 was formed with the intention of introducing student work to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

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