We bring the world of architecture to students, residents, and communities.

Initiated by the American Institute of Architecture Los Angeles, ACLA is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Its board of directors comprises distinguished architects who are deeply committed to the communities they serve and the development of next-generation designers. We are a “floating” entity: we establish programs throughout the diverse communities of Los Angeles diverse neighborhoods.


Inspire people to value architecture, empowering all to create a better Los Angeles: one student, one building, one community at a time.


Be at the forefront of architecture education and community building, advocating for good design created by and for all people of Los Angeles.


INSPIRE K-12 students and their families
EDUCATE Students in architecture programs
ENGAGE Communities distinctio.


LISTEN to communities to learn about their histories, aspirations, and the place they call home.

SERVE communities by providing resources to engage them in the design of their built environment.

WELCOME communities to participate in exhibitions and programming that enhance public appreciation of good design.

COMMUNICATE about the value of good design to achieve our best Los Angeles.

EMPOWER advancement of community leaders by providing tools for community driven decision making.


Design impacts the lives of our residents, and residents educated about design improve our lives. We endeavor to empower all voices as partners to continue to thrive as a society that serves and benefits all. ACLA believes that designers are powerful advocates to accomplish these aspirational goals and rely on the following values to strategically guide our initiatives.
We believe:

Thoughtful design will inspire and empower people within their local communities

  1. Every student should have access to design education and understand the power of design

  2. Connecting the general public and the design community helps solve some of the most pressing problems in our city

  3. Designers are a critical part of our local economy

  4. A diverse design community is more reflective and accountable

  5. In the preservation and progression of our city’s unique design legacy

  6. In the power of architecture to advance environmental justice.

Architecture for Communities Los Angeles
4450 West Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016